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We understand the importance of having transparent, accurate climate data. As one of the only accredited GHG verifiers in Canada, and one of the recognized leaders in this industry in North America, it’s our mission to squash greenwashing and shape the new standard of sustainability.




SCOP3, the world’s first, comprehensive climate accounting software enables you to assign verifiable dollar amounts to your company’s carbon footprint. All are auditable and built in compliance with international accounting standards. 

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Standard Carbon makes Carbon Footprint Reports as easy as Scope 1,2,3. We provide high-quality carbon footprint reports that have more data and security than anyone else. Impress clients, shareholders, and investors and receive special insights from our experts.

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Validation and Verification Services

Validation &

Verification Services

Standard Carbon is recognized internationally as the first GHG verifier in Canada accredited to ISO 14065:2020. This means we provide accredited GHG validation and verification statements. Standard Carbon is putting an end to greenwashing by developing technological solutions for environmental assurance to allow for faster and more accurate GHG assurance statements.

The Why

The Why

Most of our post topics surround the technology of climate accounting. So, we want to take a...

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