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Our technology makes reaching ESG goals, Carbon Footprint calculations, and GHG assurance statements easier, faster, and more trustworthy than ever before. 

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Validation and Verification Services

Validation &

Verification Services

Standard Carbon is recognized internationally as the first GHG verifier in Canada accredited to ISO 14065:2020. This means we provide accredited GHG validation and verification statements. Standard Carbon is putting an end to greenwashing by developing technological solutions for environmental assurance to allow for faster and more accurate GHG assurance statements.

Carbon Footprint


Standard Carbon can calculate your businesses footprint and provide the highest quality report. Many carbon footprint calculators ignore or simply can’t measure scope 3 emissions. At Standard Carbon we know scope 3 emissions are important as they can make up the largest percent of a company’s footprint. We have made it our goal to solve the technological problems in climate disclosers and created a software solution for your scope 3 emissions reporting.

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AICPA Engage 2022

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