Carbon Footprint Reports

(Also Known as a GHG Inventory)

Were you told by your boss, the government, or customers to calculate the company’s carbon footprint and provide them with a GHG inventory report? Have you been on the internet searching terms such as “Carbon footprint calculator, Climate policies, What is Scope 3 and Wow this is so confusing, I don’t want to lose my job, or this planet.”

Stop banging your head against the keyboard, Standard Carbon has your answers

Our team of experts can provide your business with high quality GHG inventories and accurate, transparent carbon footprint calculations.

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Why You Need to Measure

Your Carbon Footprint

Risk Mitigation

Identifying future risks with GHG constraints, including financial risk associated with material and energy consumption.  Be prepared for incoming climate policies!


A Carbon Footprint/GHG inventory represents a true and fair account of a company’s emissions, demonstrating a company’s transparency and consistency in GHG accounting. 



Necessary participation in government reporting programs at the national, regional, or local level. 

Voluntary Requirements

For successful participation in public/voluntary GHG Markets, i.e., supporting internal trading programs, external cap and trade allowance trading programs & carbon GHG taxes and NGO reporting programs.  


Providing information to receive credit for early action. 

Easy as

Scope 1,2,3

At Standard Carbon we want to make GHG inventories as easy as Scope 1,2,3 (a little GHG auditor humor)

When conducting a GHG inventory Standard Carbon has the ability to measure your Scope 1,2, and yes, even those tricky scope 3 emissions. Scope 3 has been famously defined as hard to track as they account for all indirect emissions from a company’s supply chain, yet they can make up for almost 80% of your carbon footprint.

Standard Carbon cares about that 80% 

Calculating your company’s carbon footprint is our job, but understanding exactly what we measure is useful information for you and your business. View the image below to see some examples of Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

Scope Services

Who Should You Trust?


Standard Carbon is one of six Verification Validation bodies accredited by the Standards Council of Canada under ISO 14065:2020 in Canada. This allows you to be assured that your efforts to help our planet are legitimate and trustworthy. 

It’s Not As Complicated As You Think


1. Contact Standard Carbon

Standard Carbon is here to guide you throughout the process. Contact Us and we will get in contact with you shortly with a questionnaire!

2. Define Boundary and Scope

We will help you define your organizational, operational and reporting boundaries, identify GHG emissions sources for a base year, and identify what types of GHGs emissions your business is responsible for, i.e.., CO2, CH4, NF3, etc.

3. Approve Quantification Approach

Depending on the complexity of the project, S.C will evaluate and select a methodology that minimizes uncertainty and will provide accurate, consistent, and reproducible results.

4. Collect Activity Data

We will develop data collection procedures, tools & guidance material, which then will be compiled and reviewed.

5. Calculate Carbon Emissions

We do this in four steps, choose emission factors, estimate and note missing data, analyze the contribution of different facilities and suppliers, calculate emissions.

6. Receive Report

We will send you a report in PDF files that you can share your current emission levels internally, or externally to clients, voluntary carbon disclosure organizations (e.g., CDP or the Climate Registry).


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Hey! are you from Manitoba? Did you know that Standard Carbon is your local choice for all GHG related services! Take Climate Action and support local.

Frequently Asked


Standard Carbon can help you understand Carbon Footprint reports. These Frequently Asked Questions below help with most queries. If you can’t find the answer to your question, feel free to Contact Us.

What is a Carbon Footprint?

A carbon footprint is generated when you or your business perform an action that creates green house gas emissions. For example, burning gasoline when we drive or use company vehicles, heating buildings and using coal powered electricity. The main goal of a Carbon footprint report is to identify the major sources of the company’s emissions so then appropriate actions can be taken. Unlike other Carbon Footprint calculators Standard Carbon reports include emissions from the entire company’s supply chain.

What is ESG?

ESG stands for Environmental Social Governance. These are a set of criteria used to measure a company’s sustainability. Meeting ESG goals are important for businesses of all sizes to thrive as the  growing demand for climate action amongst consumers and inventors keep rising. Many businesses use carbon footprint reporting as a step to meet these goals and act before new climate policies come into place.

What are the advantages of knowing my carbon footprint?

Helping our planet starts with knowing your carbon footprint. A GHG inventory report provides your company with the information needed to make decisions to tackle climate change while saving money. Consumers and investors are concerned about their own environmental impact and react more positively with a business taking the necessary steps to reduce their carbon footprint in a transparent and effective way. Standard Carbon technology and ability to report all emissions means everyone involved can trust that the right steps are being taken. To read about more benefits click here.

Does the size of my business matter?

Not at all! At Standard Carbon we believe that all businesses should have the opportunity to help our environment. Whether you’re a ten-person company in Saskatoon, or a ten-thousand-person company in Winnipeg, we all have a carbon footprint and we can all become carbon neutral. 

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